Shopify Vs. Shopify Plus: A Brief Guide

Shopify Vs. Shopify Plus: A Brief Guide

It is a broad business platform that enables to begin, manage and grow commerce. Shopify lets individuals set up an online store and trade their goods. It received even more validation after the inception of Shopify Plus.

How does Shopify operate? It joins all of your commerce into one central command center. For instance, if a person is a Shopify trader with both a physical presence and online existence, the stock and inventory get synced to manage the store from one account. It can be done with any device. This widely accepted stage for commerce is fully cloud-based. It means merchants can use it from any connected compatible device. Shopify itself manages server & software maintenance and upgrades for dealers. In return, it enables sellers to approach and run their trade from anywhere globally with just the availability of a good internet connection.

Silicon Graphics is the top eCommerce development company in Dubai which often gets inquired about the importance of Shopify. Many get confused about how Shopify Plus is distinct and different from Shopify. In this article, we decided to extend your knowledge on the pioneer shop & sell online giant. Here is Shopify Vs. Shopify Plus: A Brief Guide for better understanding.

How is Shopify beneficial for you? Through this platform, wholesalers can construct and modify an online store. They can make sales in multiple places such as online marketplaces, Mobile App Development, web, social media, real store locations, etc. It has features to handle inventory, merchandise, costs, as well as shipping. The features make it a wholesome package for vendors aiming to achieve the most.

As per statistics, more than one million are registered for Shopify, which is a huge achievement. It is one of the rapidly rising e-commerce stages of the world today. With its eminent reputation, the platform has, it has grown tremendously in the past few years. It will not be wrong to say that the leading-edge functions and tools of Shopify are what have earned it the most users.

So, what is the need for Shopify Plus if Shopify is already so cool and comprehensive? But first, let us tell what is Shopify Plus exactly. It is designed as a wholly hosted enterprise e-Commerce place for high-growth suppliers and businesses. It offers similar dashboard essentials and landscape as real Shopify but with access to more and the latest integrations and features. In other words, where Shopify is for those aiming to establish small-medium business setups, Shopify Plus caters to an enterprise-level brand. In simple terms: Shopify is for folks who want to set up small and medium businesses, whereas Shopify Plus is for an enterprise-level business; imagine Heineken, Unilever, or Zara.

Is it worth the money if you are comprehending to advance yourself from Shopify to Shopify Plus? Let us understand Shopify Versus Shopify Plus in detail.

  • Shopify extends customer care support to its users through email, phone, & live chat options. Users can hire Shopify Experts when things get tricky. In comparison, Shopify Plus gives bespoke and devoted support to users of Shopify Plus. It allocates a specific professional for the website to handle & manage the complete store process. The idea is to give unswerving assistance to Shopify Plus users, whether it’s third-party integrations or discovering partners to work on projects particular for the business.
  • Vendors can customize a theme on Shopify with the editor. In comparison, Shopify Plus permits a high level of customization, which offers access to Liquid – the theme language of Shopify. With the help of Liquid as one specific tool in Shopify Plus, users can make adjustments at the code level for better control of their business.
  • Shopify Plus contains improved API resources to direct users and let them take full benefit of third-party applications. It includes User, GiftCard, and Multipass. GiftCard is a distinct kind of product, and its value can be utilized as payment for upcoming orders from the online store. Multipass effortlessly forward site users to while allowing Shopify Plus vendors to remove, add, edit and gain information on staff accounts. These are special alternative payment methods in Shopify Plus for the seamless concept of settlements between sellers & buyers.
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Pro Tip: Shopify Plus even allows to integrate with custom applications or construction of a private application.

  • Shopify Plus consumers also reach exclusive applications that are not yet accessible by regular Shopify users. It involves Shopify Flow, Wholesale channel, Bulk Account Inviter, Transporter app, launch pad, and script editor. The different apps are integrated to facilitate Shopify plus and give them a promising premium experience.
  • Although Shopify consumers can add several apps to their Shopify store, in some instances, vendors find it better to integrate with their existing platforms. It enables ascended growth for complex trades. It is achievable with Shopify API. For example, the inclusion of platforms for Warehouse management software, Enterprise resource planning, Customer relationship management, etc.
  • One more addition in the Shopify Plus versus Shopify evaluation is of wholesale channels. When businesses progress, there comes the point where Shopify sellers come across buyers with demand to buy in bulk. It is rational to assume that an enterprise-stage platform should provide wholesale selling. This feature of the wholesale channel lets vendors generates a separate and protected storefront structured on an online store. As a seller on Shopify Plus, they can propose the same merchandise deals at exclusive rates to wholesale purchasers.
  • One great and favorable feature in Shopify Plus is Merchant Success Program. The idea behind this tool is to guide users to attain the maximum value from the platform. It supports products, platforms, third-party integrations, and training to help the business dealers get their full potential.

The mentioned above specifications unite with more features such as a new dashboard to manage all your stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions, and automation tools with a concept of ‘serving under one roof.’ As a result, it lets vendors have a comprehensive overview of their business, encourages teamwork, and enhances automation. To put it simply: Shopify is a concept more than a place. It is one ideal business display corner that hosts commerce on the internet. Thousands of businesses internationally and the most successful brands of the world believe Shopify to trade, ship, and run their business from anywhere with the help of Shopify.

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