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We are powered by innovation and our strategy revolves around helping you meet the challenges that lie ahead by transforming your ideas into practical solutions that drive business growth.


Minutes came in with a vision to gauge maximum audience, fulfill their needs and reach their clientele via online promotion. The business needed a boost in its existing traditional ways of dealing with its clientele. We took this up and we were able to help the company meet their ultimate vision to reach maximum clients through online platforms.

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NRTC needed a major website rebranding in order to improve their brand appeal with consumers. We were able to help them rebrand their website and provide a mobile strategy which included the development of an iOs/Android grocery deliver app. The result was an improved perception of the product and services of NRTC among consumers.

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Emirate Coin

The challenge that waited ahead for Silicon Graphics was to make way for Emirate Coin as a prominent cryptocurrency. With extremely popular names in the market like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple XRP one of the major challenges was to give the brand its due share of customized attention and spotlight.

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Innovation keeps us upbeat

We are powered by innovation which helps us meet the challenges that lie ahead with startups, enterprises and challenger brands.

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Mobile Application Development

We craft stable, interactive and powerful mobile applications with a focus on the user experience.

Game Development

We transform your game idea into fully-immersive game experiences as we take up the intellectual challenges along with deep systems capable of satisfying a variety of different desires.

SAAS Platforms

Our SaaS cloud-based system adopts a comprehensive approach to enable our clients build both web and mobile SaaS solutions.

Business Intelligence

Silicon Graphics can help you attain the ultimate heights by using Business intelligence systems to help your organization improve its processes.

Artificial Intelligence

We bring AI to life through our team of experts who have mastered the skill of research.

Augmented Reality

We bring this futuristic approach to your business based on our significant years of expertise in AR app development.

Web Development

With our web development service, we blend stunning user experience with excellent design and functionality.

Video Animation

We provide highly creative 2d, 3d and whiteboard videos with storyboarding, that depicts your business idea and explain to your customers how does your business works.

Our Clients

We Innovate today, for a better tommrow

Digital Transformation Consulting

Transformation is Key to Survival

All businesses must become digital businesses or face extinction.


Our creativity is always backed up by innovation.

Secure Ops

Enterprise grade security is our top priority.


Acceleration is the key to accomplished business strategies.

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96.5% of out clients would recommend our services to others.




Silicon Graphics was chosen after looking for many other options in the industry. SG was a clear choice because of their professional outlook towards presenting their strategy. Methodologies were unique. The project got delayed initially and we were not able to understand the reason of delay but after the completion we were able to understand as to what was taking so long as Silicon Graphics brought us a bug-free system to us. If anyone in Dubai would ask us for a recommendation, we would totally suggest Silicon Graphics to strengthen the online presence.

Mu'iz ad-Din


Dre Homes

When we started working with SG, Dre Homes was a new brand which needed three kinds of solutions: Social Media, Website Development and AdWords. Silicon Graphics came in as a One Stop Solution for our business. In Dubai, unfortunately a lot of companies claimed to provide all these services but they did not provide the promised services but Silicon Graphics achieved excellence for the brand after adopting customized strategies for us.

Nur al-Din



Our venture with Silicon Graphics started in 2018. Our brand NRTC comes in with a strong business profile already but it was lacking a digital presence. They perfected our ordering system and even helped us with our Internal Management system. As we took on the decision to give our brand a boost, we received a lot of proposals from Dubai ranging from 10,000 dirhams to 300000 dirhams. We were confused and desired end-to-end solutions. However, Silicon Graphics served to be the one stop solution for our brand and provided us free consultation initially. Their interest in working for the brand was at its utmost level. They were prompt in developing a complete order management system from scratch and Business Reports.

Salah ad-Din


Karen Millen

The journey of Karen Millen began with Silicon Graphics started from aiming to strengthen our digital existence while our physical existence is already strong enough. Along with this we also wanted to start our e-commerce venture. Silicon Graphics also resolved our payment gateway challenge. Karen Millen is very happy to choose Silicon Graphics to help us reach to our desired goals. People at SG are superstars, we would highly recommend them and would give them 5 stars. The main challenge with KM is that it has a strict brand line and other agencies in Dubai were not being able to understand the brand lines and work accordingly.

Zainal Abidin


CAC International Bank

When we came to Silicon Graphics, we wanted to give our brand a contemporary feel so that our brand would get a modernized feel overall. Silicon Graphics met all expectations. It’s the right agency and is extremely flexible with revisions and overall work. People at SG are great to work with and are very prompt in responding to revisions.. SG has been delivering consistently for two years to a result-oriented banking industry and have been meeting the deadlines regularly.

Our Process

Whether you’re a small or medium sized organization or even a blue chip multinational corporation, we help you leverage the potential of custom mobile apps in order to dramatically streamline your business operations, increase your employees’ productivity as well as boost your customer relationship.
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