Five Fitness Apps That Will Make Your Life Healthy

Five Fitness Apps That Will Make Your Life Healthy

"Five Fitness Applications That Will Help To Make Your Life Healthy"

The innovation of smartphones and other gadgets is an example of how technology is enhancing. Along with this, app development is getting a reach as well. From gaming applications to fitness health apps, everything you can get smoothly.

Are you someone whose new year resolution is to stay fit and healthy? If yes, then you are doing great. Because there are only a few individuals who understand the value of staying healthy. That’s why many app development services providers offer a wide range of health app development services. What are the benefits of health app development? And what are the top health app?. We will explore all these queries in this blog. What are you waiting for? Let’s start this blog now.

1. RunKeeper

Runkeeper is a fitness health app that keeps track of your bicycling, jogging, and other workouts. It is suitable for people of all fitness levels. And the company claims to have a user base of 50 million. It is possible to design, store, and discover new routes. GPS is used by the program to keep track of the user's speed and distance. Users may construct unique training plans based on their replies to a set of questions. Or pick from pre-made programs, using the My Plan dashboard.

The health app is free to use, but for a more personalized experience, a premium membership is offered. The cost of this yearly membership is $39.99.

2. Fitbit 

This free health app does not need the usage of a Fitbit free tracker. However, for a nominal cost, you may receive access to gym videos, cooking tutorials, and meditation sessions. Stair workouts and flexibility routines, for example, are designed to be straightforward to implement. While exercising out, the voice-over guide provides you with directions and reminds you to breathe properly. The actions to be completed were explained in the training film. There's also a counter-timer and other essential data, such as the number of repeats. Health app metrics, sleep score statistics, and other individualized data are included in the premium edition of the app development.

3. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is a group of people that get together to receive free personal training from several programs. The Nike fitness app has access to Nike's master coaches and trainers. This fitness software provides you accessibility to multi-week training routines that are customized to your fitness health goals. There are also more than 100 fitness videos and guides to choose from. Once you've downloaded the health app, you're ready to go. You'll be asked a series of questions regarding your fitness interests and workout frequency every week. Based on your replies, the Nike health app will recommend four to seven weeks programs lasting 15 to 50 minutes. There are yoga, bodyweight boot camps, and core training to choose from. Diet, recovery, sleep, and attitude therapy are all essential abilities.

4. Freelatics

This fitness app targets bodyweight exercises like burpees and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routines. Which you can perform anywhere. You will get access to 20 barefoot HIIT workout routines, .25 individual activities, 20 audio-based workouts. And the fitness communities in the free version. If you want to pay $1.55 per week for their premium subscription. You will be assigned an AI personal trainer who will customize programs for you based on your experience, objectives, fitness level, and preferences. This edition of the software also includes a mindfulness guide, fitness information. And encouragement to help you achieve your goals. You may select from a variety of high-quality training videos that range in duration from 5 to 30 minutes and are directed by experts.

5. Strava

Strava blends fitness with a feeling of community, allowing users to compete in workouts and physical activity in a pleasant manner. The health app allows you to participate in fitness challenges, share images with the community. Working out, track your friends' activity sessions. Strava provides the fundamentals of distance, speed, and endurance monitoring. Strava Summit, the premium edition, will provide you with precise race training. Fitness goals, as well as customizable training programs and live analysis. The free monthly fitness objectives will remain you engaged. Providing you with an easy-to-use platform for mapping, recording, tracking, and analyzing exercises. The app, on the other hand, does not enable music and requires a $7.99 monthly membership to access most functions.


What Are The Benefits Of the Health App? 

Fitness and workout applications are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals choose to exercise at home. These applications can aid in the development of healthy habits by recording exercise and encouraging users to do so. Let's take a glance at a few of the advantages of developing a health app.

  • With mobile health app, you may collect more data about your health.
  • Mobile health apps, particularly those that provide electronic health. Records via health-smart devices, make patient data more accessible and quicker. In only one click, doctors may collect and get clinical data from their patients.
  • To make correct diagnostic judgments, health care workers need access to a variety of clinical resources. Doctors and nurses may demand health care and pharmacological databases. As test findings, in under a minute with the use of mobile health app.
  • Telemedicine and telehealth, for example, are virtual care services that improve cost-effectiveness for both health care professionals and service customers.
  • In general, mobile health apps eliminate needless treatments. And bring down costs by minimizing the likelihood of chronic diseases and hospital readmissions.
  • Mobile health apps, with their developments in mobile technology, can bridge this communication gap. By providing a variety of tools to keep the streams of interaction between specialists and consumers open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Physical activity is essential for sustaining a healthy weight and reducing the chance of developing numerous health problems. There are several fitness and exercise applications available. Before buying an app, people should look at the pricing, the extra features. And if the activities are suitable for their level of activity.

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