A brief guide to Social Media Marketing SMM

A brief guide to Social Media Marketing SMM

As technical as it may sound, SMM or social media marketing Is as simple as a delicious cake on display. It’s trendy, deluxe, and right on the bullseye target. Besides, it’s the bakery’s finest hand-touches that reveal their best skills to the outside world. No one knows what’s cooking in the hot brick oven, right?! So, there’s plenty of working and wrapping on the best desserts and delicious delicacies to show to the world. Similarly, social media marketing is the mainstream way to promote your products and services on the internet.

Moreover, we all know that billions of users use social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat are some famous examples. As well, they can instantly connect with their friends and family by using these social media channels. Not only do close relatives and close friends join in hands, but societies and nations worldwide work and collaborate. Therefore, the social media world is a great place to announce and demonstrate your best products and skills.

Social media marketing (SMM) is nothing new, and it has been there since day one. But it wasn’t popular back in the days. Today, it has become the best place to broadcast your business. Every person on earth uses social media on the go on their mobile devices. It’s the primary reason mobile app development in Dubai and the rest of the world has gained popularity. Consequently, the SM phenomenon has become common, like eating, sleeping, talking, and laughing. It has become the part of our lives that drives us actively with build-up excitement.

You might be thinking about learning the dos and don’ts of SMM (social media marketing). No need to worry at all. It’s a simple process that you’ll absorb as you practice in due course.

1. Create Buyer’s Personas

Start with researching and reading about the users you want to target for marketing. It’s not like a cold drink that you can open with a can opener for tasting the tangs and bubbles. Remember, things take time. You have to create a few questions that you need to answer yourselves. First, determine your buyer personas and group them into categories. Next, think about users who would love to pursue you to buy your products and services. What tempts them to contact you and ask for specific products and other recommendations.

Furthermore, creating buyer personas and other brand identities help you attract potential customers. It enables you to expand your reach to a larger audience that desires to buy your stuff. For instance, you will sell polyester and spandex sweatshirts to people who go to the gym regularly. Another example is selling cosmetics and other skincare products to those conscious about their looks and styles. Personalizing your brand for your buyers can help you increase ROI conversions, boost sales, and increase business credibility.

2. Choosing the right social media platform

There are several social media platforms available that you can use. But it doesn’t mean that each of them will be ideal for you or your business. Therefore, choose wisely and try to make the best out of them for your brands. However, promoting your brand on Facebook is the one that stands out from the crowd when it comes to SMM. It helps you reach billions of people around the world. Besides, Facebook is the ideal social media platform for both B2B and B2C businesses. It offers multifaceted funnel targeting to connect to the international marketplace. Also, help convert visitors into customers and increase organic traffic to your website.

On the other hand, Instagram is ideal for posting products with images and captions. We all know that visuals have immense significance nowadays. Next comes Twitter, which is best to announce your best deals and discounts precisely. Besides, there are numerous social media platforms you can use accordingly.

3. Create original high-quality Content

Make sure to create high-quality content that catches the reader’s attention. Describe your products in detail and add excitement to them by using unique words and catchwords. Adding the correct descriptions and other important information to your website helps people to know you. It draws their attention with the impression that you own a legal business and offer genuine internet services. Therefore, make sure to write creatively and update your content regularly. You can also hire a writer for writing blogs, articles, press releases, guest posts, product descriptions, and reviews for your business.

4. Run your posts regularly with a timetable

You can also choose different timings for posting your posts. In other words, create a schedule to promote your brand or business when a large audience is online. So, it’s better that you do a little research to check for popular timings for promoting your brands on social media. In this regard, some popular social media tools include HubSpot, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Feedly, CoSchedule, Tweetdeck, and Planable.


Social media marketing is an easy process that requires your time, dedication, and keeping up with social media trends. Hence, constantly survey the metric scores that show up on the Google Analytics dashboard. You can check for user engagements on your websites. As well, check the total number of likes, comments, and new subscribers. You can also check for global reach index, total post views, profile visits, hashtag mentions, reposts, etc. Besides, don’t forget to use elements and other tools that can help you improve your SMM impressions. You can use chatbots, speech-to-text, and AR/VR technologies.

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