8 Easy Points for Designing an Exceptional eCommerce Website

8 Easy Points for Designing an Exceptional eCommerce Website

Nowadays, if you run a retail business, you need to hop on the bandwagon of developing an eCommerce website. An eCommerce website offers businesses to grow, sell more, and connect with customers. With so much to offer, you can only leverage an eCommerce website if you have got the website done right.

If you want your website to grow your business, this blog will help you a lot. However, for people with no prior experience designing an eCommerce website, we recommend hiring a professional eCommerce web development company in Dubai.

The right eCommerce website design is the one that convinces the visitor to turn into a customer. An eCommerce website has so much to offer to a business that you cannot afford to miss out on the chance to bring your retail business to the digital world through a well-designed eCommerce business.

8 Key Points to Consider in Your Ecommerce Website

Following are some easy points to consider when designing an eCommerce Website:

Keep it Simple

One of the essential elements of an eCommerce website is simplicity. When talking about designing an eCommerce website, the simpler is always, the better. The more cluttered your page is, the more it takes your business away from achieving the ultimate goal, that is, closing a sale.

You don’t need tons of visual elements – after all, all they do is distract the visitor from the action you anticipate. Therefore, keep the design simple, clean, and straightforward. Your primary focus should be on skyrocketing sales.

Branding is Important

When you are shopping online, you always look for established brands. Not just any faceless eCommerce website that looks like a scam. Therefore, if you want your business to earn the potential customer’s trust, you need to spend your time and money on the branding elements. Branding is like the DNA for your eCommerce business. Whether you operate a small store or a large enterprise, branding is equally important. It plays a crucial role in building a connection with the audience and driving more sales.

Keep Yourself in Visitors’ Shoes

If you want to connect with the audience and engage them, you need to think like them. Numerous elements impact the visitor’s decision, such as the entire shopping process, website responsiveness, navigation, and straightforward shopping experience.

To ensure that your store runs successfully, you better give the visitors what they want. Think like a visitor. Ask yourself the following questions by keeping yourself in the visitor’s shoes:

  • Which layout is the best?
  • How to make the site easy to navigate?
  • How can I make the checkout process seamless?
  • What’s the best way to organize and classify the products?

When you ask these questions to yourself, you can anticipate the needs and expectations of the clients from your store.

Choose Colors Wisely

For choosing the colors for the website, you need to put aside your preferences. You can not say that yellow is my favorite color, so let’s design a yellow website. Instead, it would be best to think from the customer’s perspective and the psychology behind the color. Different colors evoke a different response. For example, the blue color is excellent for social media applications that help people connect. In comparison, red color is perfect for a restaurant or a kids’ toy store, as it evokes the feeling of excitement. The point is, the color of the website acts as a powerful design tool.

Use High-Quality Images

Images are known to increase conversions by over a staggering 40% for an eCommerce website design. Professional images of the products build customers’ confidence and trust in your products. For instance, if you see a product for sale without a picture or a bad quality picture, you will not trust the seller. Therefore, to ensure a good number of sales, your eCommerce website needs high-quality images.

Content must be Easy to Comprehend

In today’s busy world, nobody has got time to read hefty descriptions for the products. Studies show that website visitors only read 20% of the content written on any web page. Therefore, you need to write content that is easy to skim and scan. This way, the reader gets all the needed information just by skimming through the content. The easier your content is to scan, the more the audience will absorb the message. This whole thing will eventually lead to an increase in sales.

Categories Should be Easy to Navigate

Nothing will kill the sale faster than cluttered product categories. If you want to bag a sale fast, make sure that your website is easy to navigate. When the prospect finds the product, they are looking for quickly, it allows them to make the decision fast. It also prevents them from leaving your site and going to your competitor’s site. Therefore, always make your product categories and pages easy to navigate.

Make Checkout Seamless

Remember earlier, we said that a website that is uneasy to navigate kills a sale. In the same way, a lengthy and slow checkout process kills a sale just before the point of closing the sale. If you don’t want to lose your potential customer at such a crucial moment, make sure that the checkout process is seamless. Please don’t ask the customers for their entire biodata. Keep the information form as minimal and straightforward as possible. Only ask them about the information that is required to deliver goods to their location. Moreover, allowing customers to choose their preferred method of paying is also a great way to encourage them to place an order.

Final Words

Designing a website for your eCommerce business is tricky. Now that you know the best and easy tips to get your eCommerce website running, you know how to make your website look appealing and convert crazy. So, what are you waiting for? Follow the above-mentioned eight tips and tricks, and bring your business to the limelight.

Give your customers the shopping experience they deserve. Best of luck!

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