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Silicon Graphics is a Dubai-based full stack mobile app development company. We deliver sophisticated mobile app solutions for all product and service-based industries to enhance the efficiency and build customer engagement and loyalty for the brands.

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Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics

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At Silicon Graphics, we started assisting UAE-based brands in expanding their revenues with hi-tech app solutions back in 2008. We identify the solutions your company need to survive in an ever-changing technology-based world with the help of high-performing Android and iOS applications that set you apart from the competition and play a pivotal role in generating more sales. Our development team is comprised of highly educated and experienced professionals that performs their jobs dedicatedly. We have delivered exceptionally to our valuable clients ranging from private, semi-government and government sectors in UAE.

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Silicon Graphics


Using innovative and cutting-edge app technologies, we help businesses grow from the ground up and set them up for greater success.

Silicon Graphics


To become the no. 1 app development design company in the UAE by incorporating impressive digital solutions.

Silicon Graphics

Equal Opportunity Employer

We believe in equal chances for all of our employees and encourage them to pursue career and personal development. More over half of our leadership team, as well as our whole team, are accomplished business and technology women.

Silicon Graphics

Ethical Business Practice

We value our clients and partners and strive to avoid any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in a competitive market. We will not accept any sort of fraud or corruption under any circumstances.

Silicon Graphics

Clientele Data Security

The management of Silicon Graphics believes in protecting our clients' data and follow intellectual property standards. we always respect the client's expertise and non-disclosure agreement conditions.

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Silicon Graphics
Silicon Graphics

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