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The application was completed in 4 weeks only.



Industry: Fintech


5 Stars

The client gave us a 5-star review.


Nogodi approached Silicon Graphics to develop an application that would mediate buyers and sellers and ensure secure transactions. The smart mediator application allows the buyers to buy from unknown sellers and make secure transactions as the application gives direct access without any third-party intervention. It guarantees a safe transaction where the money will be held until the buyer is satisfied with the purchase.

About the Application

The application focuses on financial matters while also considering user security. Nogodi differs from a typical financial app in that it enables buyers to conduct safe and secure transactions with unidentified sellers. The application serves as a conduit between the buyer and the seller to remove any potential barriers to payment to a complete stranger.

Benefits of Nogodi

Transactions that are performed by customers daily need to be secure. The platform comes with a transaction system that allows buyers to purchase from sellers while having complete peace of mind. The Smart Mediator app protects both the buyer and the seller from potential fraudsters. It guarantees a safe transaction where the money will be held until the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. The main benefit of Nogodi is that the user can follow a hassle-free process without any worry with full security of its money, and they can also initiate any dispute regarding the transaction.

Effect of Fintech on
the Industry

Challenges & Solutions

Nogodi already had a web platform that allowed users to carry out transactions. However, to increase their user base and enable their users to pay the sellers, the firm identified a need for an easy and fully integrated mobile application that could complement their website.

• Hybrid Application Development

The firm wanted an application that would work on Android and iOS-compatible devices to connect buyers and sellers.

• Increasing the Transaction Processing Speed

Nogodi wanted a transaction system with blazing fast speed to ensure a better user experience and enable faster transaction processing.

• Enabling Secure Transactions without Third-Party

The finance firm wanted to allow users to buy from unknown sellers while making payments through secure payment methods without any third-party intervening.
Nogodi chose us as we brought to the table our years of experience in the Fintech industry, knowledge of finance operations, and expertise in developing breakthrough Fintech applications.

• Hybrid Application Development

We developed an Android and iOS application ensuring a rich user experience and robust features to allow users and

• Increasing the Transaction Processing Speed

We organized the database architecture and optimized the query, resulting in better performance and faster transaction processing.

• All in One Admin Dashboard

We created a robust all-in-one Admin dashboard to process everything – management of the accounts, application status, alerts, transaction status, etc.



Visual Design

Our Technology Stack

  • Node.js

  • Angular

  • Mango DB

  • HTML5

  • Javascript


The application helped Nogodi reach out to more people. The app resulted in a 75% increase in signups
and a 57% increase in transactions.

Feedback Given by Some
of Our Clients

They developed an amazing application for my business that helped the business grow! Thanks a lot, Silicon Graphics.

Katrina R.

I am very happy with the on-demand application which they have produced for my company. I am delighted!

Jamie W.

My eCommerce application was developed by them, and they did a brilliant job. The app has amazing features and integrations.

Michael P.

I don’t have words to describe how amazing my working experience with them was. They are true professionals.

Sullivan E.

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