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Day for Dubai

Industry: Non-Profit Organization


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Day for Dubai is an initiative launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Muhammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council. The organization invites the people living in Dubai to spend a day with those in need. The Non-Profit Organization approached Silicon Graphics to build a robust application where people can commit a day to volunteer in Dubai.

Organization’s Goal

The organization's goal was to consider the difference one day of giving can make. The message of His highness for everybody is that they volunteer to join the teams working around the clock to protect the community. The organization wants to motivate people to realize their social responsibility and help safeguard the welfare of society.
The aim is to ensure the highest level of protection against the pandemic and support the government’s combat efforts for it. The application was built as an opportunity for people to show unity and love for the country.

Benefits of the Application

The application built for the organization by Silicon Graphics consisted of top-notch features which allowed the users to contribute by signing up and finding the ways they could help. Furthermore, through this application, people who are willing to contribute to the cause can identify ways in which they can help. The initiative will allow professionals as well as non-professionals an opportunity to serve the community by simply applying through the mobile app.

Challenges & Solutions

We created an exceptional shopping experience for the customers of Tribe 228 using different technologies such as Node.js, Angular, Mango DB, HTML 5, and JavaScript.

• Security issues and lack of trust

Security is by far the biggest concern when it comes to mobile banking, payment apps and FinTech in general. Traditional banks have security guards, cameras, vaults, and heavy bulletproof doors to keep their assets safe..

• Selecting the Right Platform to Build the App

Selecting the right platform to develop your Fintech app is challenging in today’s time, along with finding the one with the latest features to meet market trends. While curating the app, you should ensure that it should be functioning smoothly on platforms like iOS, Android, and various other devices.

• Compliance with government regulations

Finance is one of the most regulated sectors. Government regulations will be your concern even if you have more traditional FinTech software that doesn’t use a blockchain and other yet-to-be-proven technologies.

• Activities Categories

The application was required to have classified activities in which the volunteers can participate as per their choice or expertise.
We developed an application for Day for Dubai that allowed the users to donate or help and bring a change to society by spending a day with those who need help. The challenges we faced were catered to professionally by developing a power-packed application that helped the organization meet the goal of promoting a culture of volunteering and social responsibility.

• Registration & User Profile

The users can create profiles, find activities and events they can fit in, manage their profiles, and get notified about the latest events.

• Geolocation

The application was integrated with a geolocation feature to help people find and reach out to those in need.

• Volunteer Management

We built an application that allowed the organization to manage the volunteers, calculate their volunteering hours, and issue achievement certificates.

• Activities Categories

The application allows the users to filter by various categories, including mentoring, assisting the elderly, education, health, helping children, community support, international volunteering, etc.



Visual Design

Our Technology Stack

  • Node.js

  • Angular

  • Mango DB

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

  • React Native

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