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About Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company

Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company is an active farming and supplying organization which specializes in farming fresh organic high-quality fruits. They aim to provide quality processed fruits and vegetables to mainly UAE and Arab States as well as internationally. They do that by planting seeds of finest quality, nurturing them to the best of health and then shipping them to the relevant markets both on national and international scale. They operate their ranches and farms for GMOs and non-GMOs crops in the country side and oasis of Arab countries and some international location and aim to provide best organic crop on competitive prices in the market. They strongly emphasize on the ethical part of their business and perpetuate a transparency with in their agricultural operations. NRTC is also partnered with many international organizations for research and development, shipping, procurement and other services and are ranked as one of the industry leaders in the international market. Established more than 40 years ago, they continue to innovate and evolve with the trends and needs of the modern household by employing cutting edge methods to provide adequate nutrient food to the doorsteps of their clients and carts of their resellers and markets.

Their Vision for the Business

They come with a vision to offer fresh organic and high-quality fruits and they were looking forward to expand their business by strengthening their online presence while connecting to their customers directly in addition to the businesses. Their transition as a business can be understood by the fact that initially they were dealing with businesses directly and hence focused on B2B dealings, but Silicon Graphics has enabled them to impact their customers directly while helping them to reach the desired visibility as a brand.


  • Web Application
Key Functionalities

1Gauging Consumers Directly

While dealing with their clientele NRTC aimed at reaching to their individual customers, impacting them with the same intensity as with businesses. Hence, Silicon Graphics helped them to launch NRTC fresh which deals with the customers directly.

Key Functionalities

2Website Rebranding

NRTC needed a major website rebranding which would appear more appealing to the consumers and hence Silicon Graphics has helped them majorly with website rebranding and hence we made sure that their extra-ordinary products and services were aligned with the brand which should appear as no less than stellar. We designed a unique branding strategy which would inculcate all the unique capabilities of the brand and hence we backed up the website with logo designs, witty taglines and an enhanced user-experience further enriched through technical SEO optimization. We helped them build their online presence by keeping the user experience as our ultimate preference and consequently giving the brand a chance to stand on the podium in comparison to their competitors.

Key Functionalities

3Mobile Application M-Commerce

Silicon Graphics considered a mobile application as an essential element to enhance the integration of the brand with individual customers. This is exactly why we developed a mobile application for the brand, M-Commerce. This app has smooth features with easy-to-use options for individuals which keeps them connected with the brand along with providing them with latest updates which they can feast on according to their convenience.
M-commerce which is an innovation to E-commerce stores is paving the way for online shopping, marketing and business. A growing number of smartphone users which is the driving force of M-Commerce has made it necessary for the businesses to implement this latest tool crafted to meet the goals of the business.

Key Functionalities

4Order Management System

Silicon Graphics understands the needs of online business and the need to optimize it through a well-developed order management system. When it comes to ordering healthy options your favorite brand in the industry, we believe that it should see no bound of location, hence we helped the brand to optimize their ordering mechanism to bring their clientele’s favorite brand at the doorstep. This is why we developed a complete Order Management System for NRTC and optimized the business catering an online ordering mechanism for their clientele making it as smooth as just One Touch away from their favorite customers and services.

Key Functionalities

5Business Intelligent System

Business Intelligence (BI) brings in technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration and analysis of business information. With NRTC, we were looking forward to make sense of the data that we collect through the online platforms. We wanted to convert the data into useful information in a manner that the behavior of the user can be analyzed so that the business decisions can be backed up by observing patterns of the user behavior. Silicon Graphics helped NRTC to develop a predictive view for the business.

Key Functionalities

6The Accomplished Aim

Silicon Graphics exceeded the expectations of the Client NRTC by yielding positive results of successful deployment of an online E-commerce store along with a mobile application consequently impacting the B2C relations for the brand. This has helped the brand to reach to the pinnacle of success and develop a strong online presence.

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We are also providing Application Maintenance services to satisfy your ever-growing requirements as your business expands...

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We are also providing Application Maintenance services to satisfy your ever-growing requirements as your business expands...

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